Hi Beate,

It would be nice to have a licence/pricing overview on the above page.
Is there any testing setup available before any money is spent?

For avoiding to clutter the home page, these info are displayed in the followining pages of the website. In summary: Voxin is sold 4.29 EUR (or $5.78) by the Oralux.org association (no benefit). The three licenses (End-User, IBM, LGPL) have to be accepted before purchasing the software. Yes, audio samples, benchmark would be better. In fact, Voxin has been firstly built because some visually impaired persons have been looking to Viavoice (for ages). Besides it, the IBM licence does not allow to broadcast online audio samples.

Most interesting for me is the response time of the keyboard echo (which in oralux is only acceptable with the kernel supported speech synthesizer.

So the same speech synthesizer was most responsive with SpeakUp, is not it?


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