Hi Folks,

Hope somebody is still watching this list.  After making a mess of
trying to install Ubuntu-- computer not powerfull enough, I tried to
install Oralux.  Did I?

It doesn't come up talking.  No crowing.  No preference screen.
Having my Wife look at the screen, I learned it wanted my user name,
then my password.  That entered, it came up with a shell prompt.
Typing emacspeak and return, got everything going.  Is this the way it
is supposed to work?

Biggest problem?  How do I shut down?  I hit C-x, C-c to get out of
Emacs.  That worked.  I typed logout and it did.  Could do nothing
from there.  Pushed the power switch.  The computer kept right on
running!  Fed up, I hit the power strip and that did the trick.  Must
be a better way, right?  Thanks.


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