As expected the IPBill is heading onward and we've only got a few steps
left before it becomes law.

As a last ditch attempt to kick up some media interest I'm proposing to
publish a kickstarter for a Proof of Concept broadband product I'm calling
OnionDSL which is specifically designed to undermine parts of the bill;

Preview URL:

In essence instead of your DSL connection receiving a real IPv4 / IPv6
address and access to a next hop router to allow bi-directional
communication with the Internet via IP routing you will instead be dropped
into a closed private network that only exposes a Tor bridge.

You configure your home devices to connect to Tor as normal (albeit
specifying to use the bridges) and then you can get online.

This broadband product nullifies most of the more privacy intruding
elements of the Bill even if the Home Office issued any of their new
notices (ICR retention, NSL etc) and should also protect privacy of users
even if my transit / peering / PPP sessions were tapped.

No ICRs (at least nothing useful)
No tracking
NIT tools cannot expose your "real" IP address

Unfortunately this would not be the best thing to sign up for as an
individual (telegraphing you want an ultra-anonymous home Internet
connection, that said, I'd use it on one of my lines) however it *could* be
of use to libraries, shelters, community centers etc if it were to actually
get funded.

The point here is point out that ICRs are trivial to defeat and generate
some media furor over ICRs / make more people aware that Tor can defeat

Before I go ahead (the KS page needs a bit more tidying but am planning on
publishing on Monday) does anyone have any suggestions / objections /
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