Cool. We’ve discussed similar things in the past and I’d be happy to help. I 
suggest to have the L2TP/PPPoE concentrator outwith the UK though even if it
might not be strictly necessary due to Tor’s design. For those who are willing 
sacrifice stronger anonymity properties for performance, simply landing the
PPPoE session overseas and doing (stateless) encryption would be enough to
make ICRs useless or irrelevant. Obviously that wouldn’t stand up against 
intrusive efforts but would mean that locally collecting detailed flow 
statistics as a
matter of course wouldn’t work. Also agree that onions work better in the press.

As with Adrian, were we (members of HUBS) are facilities-based (we don’t really
do resale of Ma Bell^H^H^H^HBT) happy to arrange for access circuits to be
sent wherever convenient.


P.S. Amusing that the french-canadian idiom “occupe toi de tes onions” roughly
translates as “mind your own business”. But I doubt if Dingledine et al knew 

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