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1. How can we know/trust that you do what you say you do and don't do
what you say you don't do?

2. What makes dns.watch reliably sustainable given that it's free of charge?

3. From the text on your site, it looks like you're relying on your
operation's small size and small user base to avoid governments
blocking your resolvers. Is that realistic? (That's a rhetorical

4. Do your servers run much/any proprietary code, or are they just
linux boxen running a standard DNS resolver and load balancer from the
distro repo? I'm sure you can tell where I'm going with this: why not
publish your setup and GPL whatever glue code you wrote?

5. Have you considered an open federation of globally distributed
dns.watch-alike resolvers? That could go a long way toward fixing
DNS's biggest flaws.

Thanks for providing what looks like a near-ideal service for no charge.

Phil Hudson                  http://hudson-it.ddns.net
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