"Learning Journals" appears to be an online service for UK nurseries and
schools. It's an outsourced activity tracking system in which educators
enter data about the conduct of nursery and school-age children, and
parents/guardians login to view/comment.

My daughter's nursery just announced they're introducing this. When I
asked them about the confidentiality of the data, they provided some
wafer-thin assurances about the security of the system; apparently the
nursery manager was under the impression that "nobody can access the
child's photos/information, not even Learning Journals themselves" -
which is clearly false.

But I digress. To me, this is a concerning prospect. An online record of
my daughter's every day since the age of 1? No thanks.

I wonder if there is any precedent in fighting (or at least forcing
audits on) such services, and how GDPR may be used by parents to protect
their children's information from being splattered all over random

Thoughts very much appreciated.

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