Alternatives to large PS files -- Technical illustrator apps (I use Canvas) are great at mixing images and texts. The images are simple and can be low res for small file size.

Try to keep the images as vector objects, NOT bit maps.

Hell, Word could produce something like this. Just keep the images small -- small as in file size.

Mac Sloan

On 8/22/17 12:50, Emily Addison via Organizers wrote:
Yes - that would be fine!

The originators of the poster have some rules to follow in order to be allowed to use it.  (I've attached - Fair Usage Request) In terms of taking our contra version and making it your own, we'd ask that you give credit for Ottawa Contra (with website) modifying for contra (or something to that effect).  And, send us a copy when done as I'm sure our board would like to take a look. :)

I'll try sending the file as a zipped file just to you.
It's a very difficult file to work with.  Photoshop - masssssssive size.


On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 12:20 PM, Tepfer, Seth < <>> wrote:

    Emily, thank you for sharing this poster. That is fabulous. I can
    tell quite a bit of work went into that poster. So much information.

    Would you be okay if Atlanta took the information here and made our
    own version? We'd want to have a southern touch to it.

    I've cc'ed various folks in the Atlanta community who have different
    roles and skills they may wish to bring to bear to this initiative.

    Seth Tepfer
    Director of Administrative Computing
    Oxford College
    770-784-8487 <tel:(770)%20784-8487> <>

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    Hi All,

    We just finished developing our own version of a contra etiquette
    poster here in Ottawa so I wanted to share!

    We got permission to edit the original lindy hop poster as so did
    lots of thinking about what different messaging and wording we
    wanted.  I think I remember even asking this list for ideas.

    Anyway, we sent the poster out via email/facebook to our community
    last week and response so far is good! We will be posting it in our
    hall (along with our code of conduct) and have copies for folks to
    take home. Hopefully a fun, informative and proactive way to share
    ideas for positive interaction.
    see attached.
    Curious as to what you all think!

    Emily in Ottawa
    Inline image 1


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