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We are a small group and carry liability and equipment insurance through an
agency located near Ithaca NY, True Insurance Agency.  I know the rates are
very reasonable or we could not afford them.  You can find them on the web.

ASCAP should not be an issue as most of the music is traditional and does
not fall under their umbrella, you run into issues with them if you have
performers playing other's music without permission or if it has been
copyrighted and registered with ASCAP. At least that is my understanding
from working with a Blues NFP group and having been the manager of a



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> I am wondering whether most dance series have liability insurance -
> particularly  small ones.
> Insurance for a dance series from CDSS costs $450, $550, … depending on
> the number of dances plus $85 membership fee every year. I suspect other
> sources would be more expensive. For a small dance with few financial
> reserves, the extra fees each year could easily drive it to extinction.
> I know that sone venues require that the group has insurance, but not all
> do.
> What is the risk of not having it? Any recent incidents in the past few
> years?
> I’d think possible suits could be from dancers or musicians/callers who
> got injured or thought they were treated badly, venues where there was
> damage to the site.
> What about ASCAP copy infringement suits? Have there been any of these?
> Anything else?
>         John
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