Sasha! is a big repeat favorite around here (Northern California).


On 10/17/17 10:37 AM, Emily Addison via Organizers wrote:
Hi Paul, Perry, Jeff, Chrissy, and David, AND others too!

Thanks so much for all the feedback. :)  I wasn't online for about four days so I've just been catching up and am learning SOOO much!

I'm going to follow up with a few of you regarding some additional questions that your posts peaked.

I'm curious though about PROGRAMMING for FAMILY DANCES.

This is something that Jeff and David both brought up... the idea of perennial favourites and consistency.

I'm wondering if there are specific dances that your family dance series LOVES or goes over really well.  For instance, I remember two that DeLaura Padovan did at the Ogontz family week that kids just went crazy for.  And they clearly had done them previous years... everyone was SOOO into them.

I hadn't thought about the idea of consistency and kids being able to ask for dances they really liked etc until Jeff and David raised these ideas.

Having a repertoire of some super awesome crowd pleasers would be great.



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