Howdy folks,
The age the of family dance attendees may depend more on how you manage
promotion, the age of the Contradancers starting families or the promoter
and callers style.
As for kids at Topsham  I'd say 7-12, because my daughter is ten and I try
to rope in as many of her friends as possible but even when none come with
us there's a few close to her age, but they'd be the oldest and are all
ready to dance the adult dance, depending the contra callers chops.
There are a few younger, none older.
In Maine we are so blessed with Waldorf School families and home schoolers.
I'm going to say that  Topsham and Belfast are in two of the more
intellectually umm... stimulated, (in so far as the arts are concerned)
areas of Maine.

Chrissy may of speak for her own dance of course but Belfast area is way
WAY cooler then Brunswick Topsham area with way more back to the earth
energy (our "hippie" crowd may be aging out) and folks in that life do love
a contra.
Point: Reach out to farmers. When I was in charge I often let farm
Apprentices and interns in for cheap.

Be well, Jeff
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