For the last three years, one of our older dancers has been declining with 
dementia--and her husband, not a good dancer himself, continues to bring her to 
our dances. Invariably, they create chaos on the dance floor. 

Most people on the board of my dance organization feel it's important to 
continue to include these dancers until such time that the husband decides it's 
time for them to stop coming. On the other hand, I'm concerned with the effect 
that they're having on other dancers. I've heard at least one dancer say that 
she considered not coming to a dance when she saw that this couple was 
there--and certainly this couple's presence is diminishing the dance experience 
of many of the dancers who've come to our events for the high level of dancing 
that we were able to deliver in the past.

Has anyone else wrestled with this sort of problem? If yes, what did you do (or 
not do) about it?

Katy Heine
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