Dear Hive,

I am also very interested in this thread and would like to see it continue.

One suggestion may be a space somewhere out of the way where people
can have a seated square.  No falling, train wrecks are mostly
laughable, and joy and satisfaction tend to run higher than one might
first imagine.

If different dancers took turns participating in the seated square (or
more than one?), I think it might encourage a broader perspective on
what is involved in trying to define dance community.  We are all
heading there, sooner or later, be it frailty, memory loss, or some
form of disability.


PS  We have been holding a monthly community dance for the past 12 yrs
that takes place in the same hall where our most vibrant local series
occurs.  It has been a place where some dance members feel more
comfortable, w/ the slightly slower tempos, less crowded floors, and
generally not so difficult levels of choreography.  Presently, our
community dance does not really accommodate dancers w/ severe memory
loss.  I am quite interested in providing dance experiences for those
who are experiencing this and would like to continue to be part of the

I also think that finding ways for people to be part of the evening
w/o being out on the contra floor is an excellent idea.
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