Small town community dance. Used to have nobody collect money just leave a box 
at the door. Never had a problem. We hold the dance in a Grange building, and 
the Grange 
now "sponsors" the dance. We now have various non-dancing Grange members, 
volunteers, and friends sit at the door to provide a friendly greeting. It's 
not a club, so the 
organizers are too few in numbers (two or three!) to do "the greeting thing". 

Joe Kwiatkowski 

P.S. We have converted some non-dancing volunteers to dancers. :-) 

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Subject: [Organizers] Taking admission 

We're curious about how other dance organizers handle the task of sitting at 
the door and taking money. 

Who does it? 

- organizers? 

- volunteers? 

- a mix? 

- nobody? 

- how many people at a time? 

How is it done? 
- scheduling people to do the task (how?) 

- vetting/soliciting the vols (any parameters?) 

- how long does each person sit at door on a given dance eve? 

- any compensation/barter? 

Other relevant info? 

Belfast Flying Shoes board of directors 
Belfast, ME 

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