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> We're curious about how other dance organizers handle the task of sitting at 
> the door and taking money.
> Who does it?
> - organizers? 
For our contra dance in Jamaica Plain: organizers do set up including setup of 
sound, dance management, announcements, and cleanup at the dance
> - volunteers?
volunteers who are also dancers
> - a mix?
> - nobody?
For our English Country Dance in Jamaica Plain we have a donation bucket.
> - how many people at a time?
  one - we are a small dance
> How is it done?
> - scheduling people to do the task (how?)
email request to our mailing list and know volunteers for volunteers, organizer 
does assignment
> - vetting/soliciting the vols (any parameters?)
> - how long does each person sit at door on a given dance eve?
usually get two 45 minutes each - and after the break it payment s ad-hoc
> - any compensation/barter?
  free admission to the dance

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