In Rochester NY, at our weekly Thursday Contra and Sunday English dances,
we use the honor system. The cashbox is at the door inside the hall, where 
everyone can see who is at it.
They are small-ish dances, about 50-60 people on average, and mostly regulars.
We speak to all new dancers at the break and give a "next-time-free" pass,
and use this as an opportunity to remind them to "pay this time."

We have a few different prices, for members, students, young kids, and an 
annual pass option,
so estimating what should be there is tricky. It usually works out when I 
eyeball it.

Bob Fabinski

On 12/28/17 11:22 AM, Chrissy Fowler      via Organizers wrote:
We're curious about            how other dance organizers handle the task of 
sitting at the            door and taking money.

Who does it?
- organizers? 
- volunteers?
- a mix?
- nobody?
- how many people at a            time?
            How is it done?
            - scheduling people to do the task (how?)
- vetting/soliciting            the vols (any parameters?)
- how long does each            person sit at door on a given dance eve?
- any            compensation/barter?

          Other relevant info?
          Belfast Flying Shoes board of directors
          Belfast, ME
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