Doing our part to stem the tide of paper, we have eliminated our own monthly 
dance's paper flyer. (We stopped making one, although not really to stem paper 
tide... did it purely to save our promo team time, as it seemed like hardly 
anyone was taking the flyers at dances.)
We do have business cards for our dance with email/website contact info on 
back.  Those are regularly taken.

We do still receive flyers from other series and special events.  We display 
them until they've expired.  We also have a bunch of flyers/brochures from 
CDSS, DEFFA (our Maine folk arts org), and other non-dance local community 

Some time ago we traded a flyer table for a hanging display inspired by 
something done at a festival (NEFFA maybe?) where flyers were inserted into 
clear pockets on wall.  Our imperfect system uses a shoe organizer with clear 
pockets.  (Imperfect b/c the pockets are narrow and don't fully display full 
page flyers. Otherwise it's perfect, b/c it takes no table space and very 
little time since most of the flyers just stay in the pockets and it gets 
folded up and put in a cabinet from dance to dance.)

Chrissy Fowler

for Belfast Flying Shoes

in Belfast, ME

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B Fabinski via Organizers <>
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Subject: [Organizers] Flyers

Hi all,

At the Rochester NY monthly Contra Planning meeting, I took the action item to 
post here the following requests:

1) Please make sure to include the TOWN where your event is happening, 
prominently listed on any flyers
2) Our flyer table is getting very, very busy...can people consider 1/2 page 

We purge flyers weekly (I use the scrap, if I can, otherwise recycle it.)
How do others manage the growing tide of paper?

Bob Fabinski
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