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Second, I’d like to add to Bob’s comments, to request that flyers always 
include complete information that doesn’t assume local knowledge.  In a 
addition to the TOWN, a complete street address (with STATE and ZIPCODE) is 
helpful for us out-of-towners.  Including a PHONE NUMBER (with AREA CODE) and a 
complete URL for more information is beneficial as well.


In the San Francisco Bay Area, hardcopy flyers are still distributed and used 
as needed, but most of our membership and associates take advantage of our 
electronic publications (“epubs”) web page, which doubles as an online flyers 
table (see a sample at http://bacds.org/current-mailings).    In addition to 
the visual component, being able to link back to event or organization web or 
facebook pages seems to be helpful.


This is rather easy to set up if anyone’s looking for something similar for 
their community. 


On a separate note - I’ve had a back-burner project in mind to create an online 
repository of flyers to which folks could upload .pdf submissions, and if 
enough folks are interested and/or have suggestions of what would be helpful, I 
might move it to a forward burner.  😊   I had been think in term of making it 
searchable by region, organization, dance genre, date/time, lead organziers or 
staff, event type, text on the flyer itself, or other things that come to mind. 
  If this is of interest for your group, please contact me off-list.


Thanx, Ric Goldman



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Hi all,

At the Rochester NY monthly Contra Planning meeting, I took the action item to 
post here the following requests:

1) Please make sure to include the TOWN where your event is happening, 
prominently listed on any flyers
2) Our flyer table is getting very, very busy...can people consider 1/2 page 

We purge flyers weekly (I use the scrap, if I can, otherwise recycle it.)
How do others manage the growing tide of paper?



Bob Fabinski

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