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Two volunteers always. Don't have to be committee members or anything.
Starts 1hr prior to the dance starting and goes until the break.  (Then
'half price box goes out).
2 volunteers for each of 7-8pm, dances 1-2, dances 3-4, dances 5-6.
We book these ahead so folks know and make sure one experienced person in
each slot.

-Scheduling done via email 1 week ahead. Call put out to volunteer email
-Not much vetting. Make sure one person with experience who knows how
things work. Never been an issue other than would like to have some people
be a bit more outgoing/warm to new people.
-No compensation.  And no difficulty getting slots filled. (Sometimes have
to make a second ask but filling other volunteer positions at same time.)

Other info:
- We do have some 'instructions' written down on the role.
-They are greeting the beginners too, giving out second dance free cards,
-We carefully track who is coming in (in terms of numbers in different
categories, not names) so we can reconcile the finances but more
importantly track data on type of people (e.g. members, new people, non
members, students etc)... two people is good for that.

:) Emily - Ottawa Contra
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