Hey Folks,

Thanks for all the responses on the course idea!  I was offline for four
days so I'm catching up now...

Again - if anyone has done something like this, please let me know. :)

Paul -- cool you like the idea! I agree re parks&rec maybe interested... ..
turns out that the two city community centres that I've talked to in the
last week are both interested.  It sounds doable here to get in as part of
city programming!

Jane -- agreed re home schools.  We've tried engaging them before re our
family dances but having the older home schoolers engage in this
mini-course would be awesome. Great idea thanks!

Simon - so true re experienced talent.  Great reminder to see what we can
do there. :)

JD - our 'community talent dances' have been our monthly Tuesday dances
where we've been building local callers and musicians (vs our 1st and 3rd
Saturday dances were more pro/super experienced talent).  Since our
community talent dances have been going for 6yrs, some of the
callers/musicians have actually built a fair bit of skills and aren't so
beginner anymore.   Got to rename the Tuesdays :)

Merry - don't know about cost... will work with city re that.  Re length...
trying to keep it roughly in line with their other dance classes.

Claire - Way cool idea re 'next steps'.  That's kind of how we were
rethinking our Tuesdays. Agree re creepy behaviour folks --- got a code of
conduct and and etiquette poster for that stuff.

Heitzso - couldn't see your text.

:) Emily
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