Hi Emily - Could you send us the version of your original email that was
sent out and a version of the new email that is individualized and that got
such a good response?

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> Hi Emily,
> I think I’m veering off from your question a bit, but one thing we found
> worked was to have known, trusted, members of our dance community recommend
> other people they thought might be interested, and give us their email
> addresses. We then included them in the next dance announcement with a note
> saying that their name had been recommended and to please let us know if
> they would like to be added to our regular list, or if they didn’t want to
> receive more notices. It seemed like it worked pretty well. Nobody seemed
> upset about it, though a few did let us know they’d prefer not to be on the
> regular list at that time.
> Good luck!
> Delia
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> organizers@lists.sharedweight.net> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I wanted to report on a new engagement strategy that we've been using in
> Ottawa these past two months which seems to be working really well and I'm
> excited about!   It's sending a personal email to new people as we add to
> our email list.  (Full disclosure - this is an idea that Alex DL from
> Country Dance New York mentioned at the dance organizers discussion at the
> Dance Flurry in 2017. I loved the idea at the time but it took a while to
> implement.)
> =====================================================
> Before I get onto the idea and implemention ---> a question for the group!
> Has anyone had success getting email addresses of most BRAND new people who
> show up at their dance?  Right now, we get new dancer email addresses in
> two ways:
> 1. They sign up on our email sign up sheet at the front table.
> 2. They put their email address on the second dance free card AND check
> off the box saying 'add me to your email list'.  (So they actually have to
> have come back a second time and hand in the filled-in card for us to get
> their email address.)
> ... ... ... I'd love to be able to figure out a way to collect the email
> addresses of more FIRST TIMERS without it seeming creepy.
> ========================================================
> Anyway... here's what I wanted to share on adding new people to our email
> list.
> We would collect email addresses through one of two ways (see above).  We
> would then go into mailchimp and add those email addresses.  The new person
> would get a form welcome email from us (carefully worded but in mailchimp
> format).  They would have to hit 'confirm' before being added to our email
> list.
> I send them a personal email from my personal account (which looks very
> different than a mailchimp message).  I then go into mailchimp and add them
> but check off that I already have permission to add them to the list.  (I
> also keep a photo record of them giving us permission)
>    - More email addresses are being added because people don't have to do
>    the confirmation stage. (Yes... we do have to keep proof of permission to
>    meet with Canadian email spam laws but the pick up is well worth it).
>    - We are getting a fair number of emails BACK from new dancers with
>    encouraging messages.  They express how much fun they are having, offer
>    suggestions and even say they want to volunteer.  For instance, I added
>    about 14 people last week and I got 6 responses back, two of whom offered
>    to volunteer!
> I've included the responses we got last week as inspiration for y'all.  It
> is work to send the personal message and to respond but it's also exciting
> and is part of building that sense of belonging for those new folks from
> the start.
> I've also included a copy of the "personal email" I've been sending out.
> Would love thoughts or suggestions!!!
> :) Emily
> in Ottawa, ON
> ==================================
> Hi, we love to take part in your dances. It's a very fun way to exercise
> and a great cardio workout. People are so friendly and supportive. The only
> thing that I would suggest is adding a few more fans on the floor (or
> walls?)  Otherwise, everything else is great. Will be back for sure.
> =======================
> Hi, Yes, I did have a great time both times I went.  Everyone was so
> welcoming and I enjoyed the live band and the dancing was great.  I have no
> suggestions re improvements as I felt included in all the dances, even
> though I was just learning.  Have to miss the June 16th dance as I will
> be in Victoria but plan on enjoying Contra
> Dancing when it starts up again in the Fall.
> Thanks for getting in touch.  Appreciate the opportunity to provide input.
> ======================
> Thanks!
> I love how friendly everyone is, how accepting and willing to teach.
> Everyone has made me feel very welcome, I've been to 3 dances now and will
> definitely be back.  I should have listened to Jane sooner and gone out
> when she first suggested it to me.
> If you need another volunteer anytime, let me know, I'm more then willing
> to help out.
> =============================
> Thank you for your warm welcome!
> Unfortunately we will be out of town on the weekend of June 16th, but we
> will look forward to the next season.
> We have nothing but positive things to say – even though we were new to
> contra, we felt confident after the excellent instructions plus we enjoyed
> the happy friendly smiles from everyone, and loved the live music.
> See you in September.
> ======================
> Thanks for all you do to make and keep contra fun.
> I love how welcoming people are, the mix of ages and “types” of
> characters, the non stop smiling.
> Having zero dance or memorization experience, I would love if the calling
> continued for the entire dance. Maybe for the first half of each event. Or
> even if it tapered off starting with the whole first song being called and
> then one round fewer each song, for example.
> My fervent wish is to become very comfortable with contra Eventually and
> to make it as absolute often as I can — and to stay the whole event. (Right
> now I can only tolerate up to half of an event.)
> I would be happy to volunteer either with set up or publicity committee
> etc next season. Let me know how I can help.
> See you June 16,
> =====================
> Hi XXXX,
> Thanks so much for joining us at the contra dance this past Saturday.  We
> hope you had a great time!
> If you would like to share what you especially liked or didn't about your
> experience, we always love hearing from new folks as we try to make the
> dances as accessible and fun for new people as possible. (If we don't hear
> feedback, we won't know what to work on!)
> You provided your email and checked off that you'd like to be added the
> main contra dance email list so I'll add you now.  We send out one email a
> week so just watch for those.
> And here are few links in the meantime:
> Our fun facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ottawacontra/
> Our website: http://www.ottawacontra.ca/view/default.asp?home
> I've also attached our beginners handout.
> Our next dance is the last of this season.... it happens June 16th.  We
> start back up in early September for 2018-2019.
> Welcome to Ottawa Contra and I hope you'll join us on the dance floor
> again soon!
> :) Emily
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