Hello document db gurus,

I'm building a rather large orientdb database, which will contain classes 
many of which need to be grouped logically by names. I understand that 
class naming is advised to go by the Java conventions, which is great for a 
limited number of classes. However, java also has the concept of packages 
to allow developers create modules and group related classes. Relational 
DBs typically have schemas, which can also be used to nicely and logically 
group related tables, etc. 

What is the best way to group related classes in the OrientDB? I did search 
the Internet, but didn't find any advised way to grouping or practical use 
of class name-spacing. As an example, consider the following groups of 
classes: Setting related classes, user related classes, industry verticals, 
vertical lead types, etc.

Please advise. Thanks,


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