Can you Help me please,
I uses ETL service for Import csv file to Orientdb , But I have a problem 
for showing true graph.
I have a tech.csv file by tech_id ,tech_name fields and I have a 
relation.csv file by tech_id1,tech_id2, weight fields. tech_id1 and 
tech_id2 have a relation with tech_id.
I want to create tech.csv as a nodes ,and create relation.csv as edeges 
between tech_ids.
1) tech.csv
tech_id tech title
1            ORM
2            Databases
3            Graphdb
4            Hibernate
2) relation.csv
id       tech_id1      tech_id2    weight
1        1                  4              0.85
2        1                  2              0.9
3        1                  3              0.3
4        2                  3              0.95
5        2                  4               0.5

thanks a lot


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