Hey Louise,

Did anyone ever follow up on your inquiry?

Sounds like a wonderful event and I don't really see an issue with using
Yami's model in the fashion in which you describe (copyright experts
correct me if you feel I'm mistaken).  Knowing Yami, you can feel confident
that he will grant you permission.  I don't think he's refused anyone's
request to share or spread his work, yet.

The problem with giving you his contact info is that he doesn't answer his
phone messages.  He doesn't have access to internet or a computer to check
his email or FB.  He is still in the Harbor healthcare center in Torrance.
As an update for everyone, although he's been more responsive and engaged
the last few times I've seen him, he's still not quite himself; and he's
physically very weak and unable to walk unassisted.  The problem is, he's
not getting enough physical activity (according to Pam Miike, it sounds
like they may have stopped his 1/2 an hour physical therapy for some reason
that is a mystery to us at the moment- we're inquiring).  His bigger
problem is he seems to be unmotivated to get out of bed and get in physical
exercise and stimulation.

The last time I saw him was on 9/11, after 2nd Sunday OFF (Origami for Fun)
meeting at Marti's.  It's very difficult to communicate with him.  His
memory seems to be weakening as he struggles to remember simple words or
keep his train of thought.  Plus he slurs and mumbles a bit in his thick
Japanese accent.

Pam Miike sees him about once a week and has really taken on some
caretaking casts, helping to drive him to the Social Security office
building to clear things up, passport pictures, etc.

I told her about your request, Louise.  The next time either she or I see
Yami, we will ask him for permission on your behalf.

For those who are interested in writing him (don't count on him writing
back), you can send mail to:

Harbor Care Center
21521 South Vermont Ave
 Torrance, CA 90502

I'm hoping he will get well enough that those of you who come out to PCOC
next year will have a chance to see him.



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