Dear O-listers,

speaking of origami and didactics, the CDO and other institutions are 
organizing the 4th Italian convention that will be held in Senigallia between 
13 and 15 April 2018.
We do not have any funding, but we have taken the opportunity of participating 
in a project that gives economic support for the top 10 nonprofit projects that 
are most valued.
So we ask for your support:
If you have not already done it, please go to the link at the bottom of this 
text and click on "Vota Progetto": you will see a window asking you to vote via 
mobile (SMS) or with Facebook. * You can vote in both ways giving the project 4 
points! * You will not spend anything.

* It is very important to vote via Facebook *, because it allows to triple the 
value of the vote. After voting, a thank-you window will appear and down will 
give *mipi* to the FB page of Renner Italia: click on "I Like" to earn 2 extra 

Thank you for your attention and collaboration. Spread the word!

Francesco Mancini, 
Vice President of CDO

"There's a fold in everything..."

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