In case you are not aware we have sold out of everything for the Stratford 
convention, we have even had to stop people paying the convention fee as there 
may not be enough room for more people in folding sessions. 

We are currently drawing up a late booker waiting list in date order and we 
will be advising those requesting a place whether we can accommodate them when 
we have reappraised the situation. 

We have also sent in the final orders for T-shirts so can accept no more. Polo 
shirt orders for collection at the convention have also finished though they 
can still be ordered for mailing to arrive after the convention. 
If you want to email please email me privately not to the list 

It's wonderful that the convention is such a success but we would need the 
Royal Albert Hall to fit in everyone who wants to come. 



Penny Groom
Membership Secretary
British Origami Society

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