This is only kinda related to origami, so I hope it's OK to send it through
the list. I'm very sorry if it isn't.

Are you interested in product design? It's a biased definition, but I'd say
it's a profession where you can come up with original tools that can help
people in there everyday lifes. This is an example:

I'm taking a free MOOC for beginners about product design. The thing is I
think I need a study buddy. There are NO tutors, just videos, short
readings, and assignments. You don't get feedback regarding your
assignments, so you don't really know how well you're doing or how could
you improve what you're doing.

If you're interested in product design and would like to take the free MOOC
with me, please let me know through the list or privately to gerardo(a)

It has seven units, they don't seem to be too complex and you can take one
each week. The current course ends on April 30th, but we could wait for the
one that starts after that if you prefer.

Let me know : )


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