Mark asked:

> I'm looking for info on this model to identify the name of the model and
> possibly the creator. I learned it at Centerfold 3 yrs ago during after
> hours folding and have lost that information. It's made from 4 fish bases
> mingled together and the result is the same on both sides. Great for
> Mandela or a mobile or even a pin.

Hi Mark
Javier Caboblanco and Francis Ow independently discovered this modular
4-fish base model.
A couple of years ago, Francis brought it to my attention as his discovery,
but later told me that he had found out that Javier Caboblanco discovered
this 8-Pointed Star independently, before him.
Francis was not aware if Javier did any of other variations that Francis
subsequently posted on his Facebook page.

Warm regards,


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