We are on pace for a great convention again this year! We are a month out
and already have 20% more people registered than total last year.  But still
plenty of room for more.

CenterFold is a fun, friendly three day origami convention in Columbus Ohio.
Special guests this year are Michael LaFosse, Richard Alexander,. Maria
Sinayskaya and Shuki Kato.  

If you have never been to an origami convention come give us a try. In
addition to the more than 70 classes, special panel/workshops such as
backcoating and wet folding.  We are in a very nice convention hotel, and
all classes are in the hotel.  More info at http://www.ohiopaperfolders.com 

And as usual we will be collecting origami ornaments for Children's
hospitals, running a silent auction to raise money for our community
programs (teaching origami in schools, libraries, hospitals all over the
state) and much more.

If you have any origami books or materials you would like to donate to us
(we are a 501C3 non-profit), please let us know.

If you are attending CenterFold and wish to teach a class please post it
now! We already have about 50 classes listed (see
http://www.ohiopaperfolders.com ).  Note that the advanced and complex
classes are usually the last ones added so not a lot of those up yet.


Please call or email if you have any questions

John Scully






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