Dear friends,

I'm looking to put together what would ideally be *the easiest set of
diagrams* that a total novice can follow to successfully complete the
traditional flapping crane (AKA flapping bird).
In case you don't know what bird I refer to, it is shown on the following

I want to break the process into three parts, or three sets of diagrams:

1. Folding the preliminary base
2. Making the bird base
3. Finalizing the flapping bird

For inspiration, I've been studying different sets of diagrams I have. I
notice that some are great at describing one or the other of this
three-part sequence, but I have found no set of diagrams that clearly
explain the whole process.

So I have two questions:

Question 1-
In your opinion, and if you can step into the shoes of a total beginner for
a moment, what would be the best diagrams to accomplish each part of the
sequence? Can you direct me to those diagrams?

For example: I find it clear how Nick Robinson illustrates the sequence for
the preliminary base in his book "World's Best Origami" He actually shows
three different sets of diagrams to make it. My sense is that the first set
(on page 19) would be the easiest to follow for a novice.

Question 2-
Assuming that the folding symbols are clear for a beginner, would you say
that text clarifications are or are not necessary on each step? Why?

Thank you for any input you can share with me and with this group.


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