Dear Folding Friends,
Registration is open for the 2018 Fall Origami Connect Events brought to you by 
a dedicated group of volunteers from OrigamiUSA!   

We will again offer the fantastic bargain of buy 3 get 1 free!  The current fee 
is $10 per event. You must register before the first event to receive this 

We are pleased to present the following events:
September 22 & 23rd:  Ryu Zin, Jr 2.1. This is a two day event with Jason Ku!  

In Session 1, Jason will talk about growing up with origami, his evolving 
growth in origami design, running OrigaMIT, and more. During Session 2, Jason 
will teach his amazing convention ‘hit’ model, Ryu Zin 2.1.
Inspired by Satoshi Kamiya's ultra-complex model, this model is a substantially 
simplified version of a baby eastern dragon, considerably shorter and less 
detailed. Students should have experience folding box-pleated models from 
crease patterns.
If you can’t attend both or all the session, you will receive the recording 
link after the event.

October 27: Cube Box with Drawers. Learn the popular convention model (created 
by Akiko Yamanashi) taught by Deb Pun.

Join us welcoming a fantastic teacher, Deb Pun, who will teach this clever and 
popular model taught by Akiko Yamanashi at the recent OrigamiUSA convention in 
June. Although Akiko has a similar model in her recent book, this model is not 
yet published and has some clever paper ratios.

November 17:  Stella taught by Evan Zodl

Join Evan Zodl and learn his original model, Stella. Evan is an origami artist, 
surf photographer, and software engineer. He has been folding paper for over 13 
years, and in an effort to share his passion with the world, he began making 
instructional origami videos on YouTube in 2008. Since that time, he has taught 
origami to millions of people around the globe through his videos. In 2009, he 
began designing his own unique models inspired by fractals, spirals, and 
recursive patterns found in nature. We are excited to have Evan be a presenter 
on Origami Connect this fall!

December 16: Lillian’s First Lesson and Teaching Tips taught by Jan Polish. 
Lillian Oppenheimer was famous for teaching beginners and encouraging them to 
continue in origami. Lillian was the woman that popularized origami in the 
United States.  She developed her First Lesson using models that were easy to 
teach and easy to fold, and which increased origami skill-building and 
self-esteem. In this class, Jan will teach you the simple models Lillian loved 
and show you the best ways to teach them to others.

As always if you sign up for the event, you will have access to the recording 
of the live event after.  

If you haven’t tried Origami Connect, please give us a try.  If you have we 
hope to see you back for another great season.  We appreciate the donation of 
time and talent from our great presenters.  We hope to see you in September for 
our first session!  

Kind regards,
Patty Grodner
On behalf of Origami Connect

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