Remember that around three years ago every now and then I sent you guys
messages asking you questions about model names in origami and mentioning
an article I was working on? Some of you also helped me with citing and
reference information by filling the fields of a Google Spreadsheet I
created. ¿Remember that?

Well, I'm extremely excited to announce that my article has finally seen
the light. It was posted on The Fold!

I want to thank the people that proofread it (Gay Merrill Gross and Matthew
Green) and the ones that reviewed it (Mark Kennedy and Robert Lang). Robert
Lang also participated as the magazine's editor. Thank you guys... thank
you Mark =')

The whole process of creating the article was a great endeavor. That is why
I would feel very honored if you took the time to read it and I would feel
even more honored if you also shared your insights, through The Fold's
comment system–at the end of the article– and the mailing list.

Let me know what you think : )

Thank you guys in advance!

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