Hi everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying the summer. We just got back from our 2-week
vacation, but thankfully I'd prepared enough origami videos for you to
enjoy before leaving. Here's an update of the videos I posted in the last

1. Robin by David Brill
When Dave posted a photo of this bird last year, I was immediately in love.
So I was super excited when Dave published diagrams for his robin on his
website. I immediately gave it a go and must say it is a fantastic work. To
me, it is one of his best designs. hence I was overjoyed when Dave gave me
permission to make a tutorial on it. I highly recommend you give this bird
a go - be it from diagrams or following my video.

Photo: https://www.happyfolding.com/gallery-brill-robin
Tutorial: https://youtu.be/AAsvvzQK1cE or
Time-Lapse: https://youtu.be/jT2LzZJNt5A or
Diagrams: https://brilliantorigami.com/diagrams/ or in the Origami
Tanteidan Magazine #170 (July 2018):

Thanks again, Dave, for such a pleasurable model, the diagrams and for
letting me produce a video on it!

2. Monkey Head by Robin Glynn
You cannot believe how happy I was when I heard Robin would be publishing a
book on a selection of his work: "Origami Originals" by Robin Glynn:
I ordered it right after it was out and got folding. I discovered some old
favorites, but also some designs I hadn't folded before. One of them stood
out to me especially: the monkey head. So with Robin's permission I
produced a tutorial on it.

Photo: https://www.happyfolding.com/gallery-glynn-monkey_head
Tutorial: https://youtu.be/toVA8T05EWM or
Time-Lapse: https://youtu.be/_3c7mn7ewq4 or

In addition to his new, fantastic book, Robin also set up a new website
http://www.origamioriginals.com/ and a YouTube channel:
He's been busily putting diagrams and tutorials up there, too, so if you
like Robin's design aesthetic you'll have even more resources to enjoy his
work with!
Thanks, Robin, for all your origami models and your generosity in sharing
your work - be it in the form of your book, your website, your YouTube
channel or of giving me permission to present your work, too!

In other exciting news, I have a major milestone coming up - my YouTube
channel is about to reach 100.000 subscribers. It's quite unbelievable.
Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the last 11 years. Making
these videos is something I enjoy, but it is also hard work.  The reward I
get is not monetary, it comes in origami friendships, raising the
recognition of designers' work, and also of my work. So thanks to the
designers, to those who inspire me, and to those that subscribe, provide
feedback, or simply watch my videos.
To celebrate the occasion I will be posting a more elaborate tessellation
tutorial on Alessandro Beber's 1-Cube Exercise, which I hope you'll all
enjoy. Plus, I have a short, fun video planned, too. If you're curious, do
check back next week or better yet, subscribe to my channel if you haven't
yet. :)

Have a great weekend and of course happy folding,

-- Sara

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