>From Matthew Green: I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what product 
>Mark Kennedy used to coat his origami figures to make his pins and magnets. 
>Matthew Hi Matthew and All, I've attached a picture...not sure if those come 
>through.This is the first time I'm posting...Mark was the one doing the 
>posting. Mark used Mod Podge or Wright's Water Soluble Varnish as an 
>undercoating when coating things that were absorbent like Kami and then he 
>finished them off with a few thin coats of EnviroTex Lite.For tissue foil. I 
>think he went straight to EnviroTex Lite High Gloss Finish which he thinned 
>with lacquer thinner so it wouldn't harden too quickly. I don't know what 
>proportion but he may have left notes somewhere. He did always do a few thin 
>coats even on the tissue foil.Arlene Gorchov

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