Dear folders,

As World Origami Days 2018 is starting soon, Japanese Origami Academic Society 
invites you to participate in the WOD virtual exhibition at Origami Art Museum 
( Here is how to do it.

1. Fold your favorite origami model.
2. Download the backdrop sheet at and print it out.
3. Write down necessary information and place your origami work on the sheet, 
then take a photo.
4. Send the photo at along with the title of model, 
source of instructions, names of designer and folder.

You can submit as many models as you want during WOD, that is, from October 24 
through November 11. Also, we encourage you to upload your photo(s) on 
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or whatever web-site.

Moreover, you are welcome to visit 
periodically and see what folders around the world folded.

Enjoy WOD!

Happy folding,

Hatori, Koshiro

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