Hi Laura,

>>I’d like to fold the polyhedron that appears in Melencolia I, the famous 
>>engraving by Albrecht Durer.
>>What would be the best match and where can I find the diagrams?
        It looks like a cube truncated at opposite corners (and slightly 
         I'm not aware of any diagrams that would match it exactly. But in the 
spirit of throwing open a challenge, would you be looking for edge units or 
flat face units? Edge units you'd 6 each of three different sizes. For flat 
face units you'd need 6 of one and 2 of another, but I suspect that it could be 
done with 6 identical units with a clever lock to make the other two faces 
(which would have creases).
        I'll ponder it, but I hope that some other geometric or modular folders 
out there will give it a shot!


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