This is a cool fundraising project, with time sensitive content, so please
read on and act quickly if you are interested in supporting the project!
Every little bit helps.

The organizing team for the Pacific Coast OrigamiUSA Convention (coming
September 2019 to Portland, Oregon, USA) has invited Spanish folder Oriol
Esteve as one of the sponsored guests. If you've had the pleasure to meet
Oriol, you'll know he's a member of the "OAS (Origami Always Succeed!)"
group, made up of fellow folders/designers Enrique Martinez, Marc Vigo, and
Joel Garcia Moix.

If you don't know them, they're unique in their origami design approach and
are considered by anyone who's ever interacted with them to be
inspirational, super fun and helpful as teachers and friends. In their own
words, here's a short read (pdf) on the "Legend of OAS":

A fundraiser has been started to sponsor *all* of OAS to be special guests
at the convention. Normally outside the scope of the budget for such an
event, having the full team at PCOC would make for a great experience for

The fundraiser - an all-or-nothing that will only go forward if the goal is
reached - ends Dec. 15th and is accessible here:

In addition, there's a time-limited $1,000 matching donation (just until
Dec 3) in effect. This is generously being offered by Arlene Gorchov (Mark
Kennedy's widow) who says she knows that Mark would have wanted to help.
Thank you, Arlene!

The fundraiser includes various perks - diagrams, folded pieces signed by
the OAS team, etc., and at least one free diagram for anyone who goes to
the fundraiser page. More perks and diagrams are being added - I've just
heard that Nicolas Terry is contributing a new design shortly - so take a

Lastly, I highly recommend following the fundraiser page ( or their Facebook fundraiser page ( since there's little
time left. I suspect they'll come up with other interesting offers to try
and meet their goal.

Please consider donating, even if you can't come to PCOC 2019 - it's a
great cause which will benefit a big chunk of the origami community!


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