Our next meeting will be January 3, 6-8 PM at the Renner Frankford Library.
December meeting was a big success!
Meetings are the first Thursday of every month from 6 to 8 pm in their
Auditorium. They have a projector, a big room, AND they allow food.
Meetings go from 6-8 (we will let you know if there is an exception).
We will be folding the Single Strip Square Curlicue designed by Assia
Brill. Paper will be provided. There will also be announcements which will
come along with a presentation and an origami help/show-off perhaps. We
might have food, will post that when we know for sure.
Hope to see you there! Spread the word, these meetings are open to the
public. More details on our website https://adroitorigami.com/ and facebook
Thank you!
Travis Nolan, President of ADROIT

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