Sarah asked-
I’m looking for a metric, gridded, guillotine-style paper cutter and am having 
a tough time! There are plenty in the US that have both imperial and metric, 
but the grid lines follow just the imperial measurements (metric is usually a 
single line of measurement at either the top or middle of the board). I’ve seen 
metric slide cutters, but I prefer guillotines. Anyone in the US know where I 
may find such an elusive thing, please?

Go to and look for 'A4 guillotine paper cutters'. You'll find 
several for under $20 which seem to have metric measures as well as the A and B 
dimensions marked on the metal board. They are listed as 'heavy duty'. I 
wouldn't cut more than about 6 sheets at a time.
There are several currently listed. Don't just checkout the cheapest. 
There are some bigger ones in the A3 size for a little more.

Faye Goldman

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