Hi, Dawn,

A year ago (Jun 5, 2018), in response to your question about Waterbomb
variations, I mentioned my "Pinless Pin-wheel." Forgive me for
incorporating bits of that post now without quotes.

"Pinless Pin-wheel" is  diagrammed in OUSA Convention Book 1988, p 243. It
was inspired by the Blow-up Rabbit, so I count it as a cousin of the
Waterbomb. Origami Database, https://www.oriwiki.com/odbInfo.php

The short directions: Make rabbit-ear folds on each flap of the Waterbomb
base. Crease the open end firmly horizontally as high up as comfortable.
Blow into the hole to inflate the model. The result is a pyramid with 4
Put a pencil in the hole, blow, and watch the Pinwheel spin. If you use a
straw instead of a pencil, blow into the straw and send the Pinwheel flying
into the air. [Plastic straws are going out of use for good environmental
reasons, so I am laying a supply of paper straws.]

(Back in 2002 , Dorothy Kaplan noted that she used a barbecue skewer and
didn't bother with the inflating. Still spun around nicely.)

This past week I visited a friend who is slowly recovering from a stroke.
She couldn't talk much but she enjoyed watching me make the Pin-wheel. I
think that puffing on the model to make it spin was probably good therapy
for her breathing and talking. Puffing on the straw to make the model jump
up in the air was a happy surprise for her. (I also made a bunch of smaller
versions as flowers for her.)

The series of 3 inflatable models -- traditional Waterbomb, traditional
Blow-Up Bunny, and the Pinless Pin-wheel -- was a hit at the April 2019
Princeton Public Library Origami Group meeting.

Happy Folding and Puffing!
Karen Reeds
Princeton Public Library Origami Group
Affiliate of Origami USA, http://origamiusa.org/
We usually meet 2nd Wednesday of the month, 6:30-8pm, 1st floor Quiet Room.
We provide paper! All welcome! (Kids under 8, please bring a grown-up.)
Princeton Public Library info:  609.924.9529
Next meetings:  Wed., May 8, 2019
Wed., June 12, 2019

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