Greetings!  I don't know of any paperfolders in the Boston area besides myself, 
but I know that MIT has done some.  MIT is the Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology, a very famous school doing lots of high tech stuff. They are 
located on Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge.  I'm sure that there are lots of 
origamists in the area and you will probably get tons of responses to your 
email besides this.  Wishing you all the best...

Happy paperfolding!


From: Origami <> on behalf of <>
Sent: Saturday, April 27, 2019 10:49 AM
Subject: [Origami] Folders in Boston?

Dear all,

My husband and I have plans to visit Boston in August.

It would be great fun to meet other folders,

are there any folders living in Boston interested?

If so, can you please reply to me privately?

Thank you,

Happy folding,

Paula from Holland<>

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