On Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 8:37 AM Ronald Koh <ron...@singnet.com.sg> wrote:

> It's about time. <snip>

Having described, explained, and defended the list editorial/readability
guidelines, publicly and privately, _ad nauseam_, for oh, the last decade
or so, I will not do so again here.

Ron - and any others who felt this way - we are truly sorry you found
adhering to the readability guidelines too much of a burden, and that it
interfered with your enthusiasm for participating on the list; that was
certainly never the intent.

"Moderated" status (for that is what it is called when one's posts are held
by the system to be OK'd by a list moderator) is not a punishment, it is
essentially the only way we can actually get a list member's attention when
they are not playing by the rules. Anyone who asks to be de-moderated (via
mail *to the admin address*, not to me or Joseph, and not to the list) and
who has shown that they know how to play in this particular sandbox by
posting origami-related, non-spam, appropriately structured content, can
have that status changed.

I do not think that a discussion of the merits of top- vs. bottom-quoting
on mailing lists is of interest here going forward, nor, it being an
insolvable "religious" issue, will such a discussion produce any results,
so I respectfully suggest that we end this thread here.

If anyone ever has any questions, concerns or problems with the list, its
policies, or the system itself, please send email to the list admins at:


And we'll be happy to discuss it with you.


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