Sydney Australia! (Ok we are quite developed – except for our internet, the 
average speed of which is slower than some developing nations. And our public 
transport infrastructure could do with quite a bit of improvement). 

We are having one next year in August. I have just booked the venue, which is a 
community hall above a foodies precinct called the Tramsheds :-)

It won’t be a big convention though but we would love to have a few 
international visitors. There are also a few added bonus - the AUD is expected 
to fall, and it’s winter in Sydney so accommodation should be cheaper (but the 
weather will still be pretty good). There are fewer creepy crawlies (ie snakes 
and spiders) running around at this time as this time as well. 

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And of course tell of any so that it can be published.
Faye Goldman

What is your definition of developing nation? And what kind of travel 
restrictions you have in mind?
Laura Rozenberg

Rob Hudson asked:
> What are some origami conventions in developing nations, or places 
> that tend to be less accessible to or less attended by people from the 
> United States? (perhaps, in some cases, due to travel restrictions)?

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