The Pacific Coast Origami Convention is being held in Portland, OR, this 
September 2019.
They are asking for submissions for the Convention Booklet. I am considering 
submitting diagrams for a game I'm developing  called "Ninja Dice".
The game uses two 6 unit Sonobe Cubes. I will not earn any profits from being 
in the Convention Booklet.

I understand that the Sonobe Unit and Cube was developed by Mitsunobu Sonobe, 
Toshie Takahama, and possibly others?
I'm not sure who claims to have actually designed the unit or cube model, 
although it does carry Sonobe's name?

I am not sure from whom, or how, I should ask for permissions for publishing in 
the convention booklet, Mr. Sonobe? Ms. Takahama?

Do I ask for permission for the unit, for the cube, or both?

I drew the diagrams myself, by hand.

I am hoping that someone from the Origami L Mailing List might be able to help 
me by:

  *   sending me the contact information for obtaining permissions from 
Mitsunobu Sonobe,  Toshie Takahama and/or anyone else that you think of.

  *   Any other info or suggestions you think might be helpful.

thank you,

John H.

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