Hello Hans
When you make one book fold from a square the result is a shape that is called 
a 'rectangle'. I'm not sure if there is a specific name for the cross that is 
formed on the square after making two book folds, sorry.I hope this helps.
Best RegardsWilliam
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 When I fold corner to corner I make a diagonal fold and I have created a 
diagonal crease. When instructing I can tell them to fold corners to corners, 
or to make the diagonals.

When I fold side to side I make a book fold and I have created a ... what? When 
instructing I can tell them to fold sides to sides, or to make the ... what?  
Certainly not the books :-)

When making each of these steps, I get the diagonal cross and the ... what ... 

In Danish I call them “diagonalfolder” and “tværfolder”, where “tværs” means 
across, and I get a “diagonalkryds” and a “tværkryds” where “kryds” means cross.

That is, I do not know, in English, the name of the crease that goes from the 
centre of one edge to the centre of the opposite edge. And I do not know the 
name of the cross made from two of those creases.

I hope somebody can clear up this terminology for me.

Best regards,

Hans Dybkjær
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