I am happy to announce a new edition of my book *Wondrous One Sheet Origami*
by CRC Press. The older edition was self published and the new one has
about 40% new or revised material and is available to pre-order both in
paperback as well as hardcover versions. CRC Press has given the book a
beautiful new look with a lovely cover design and an interior that does not
look like mere printouts.

A preview of the content is in http://www.origamee.net/book5/index.html

Pre-ordering is possible from the following, with CRC currently giving a
discount of $5.99.

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/0367208105?tag=meensmodumani-20 most other
online bookstores.

Thanks for all your support.


My Modular Origami Galleries:  http://www.origamee.net

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