Hello fellow folders!

I'm doing some video tutorials, and I'm working on some new models.

Between the years 2005 and 2015 I developed more than 200 models, I used to
draw the CP's and some references to fold the models,
so I know how to fold step by step almost all those models, but I have just
2 published diagrams. Why?
Well, drawing a diagram it's so boring for me, and a diagram for a 3D model
it's difficult to draw
>From 2015 I decided to focus my energy on my work as a business manager,
but to be honest I just think about geometry.
I feel great thinking like that, but I also love folding stuff
So this year I decided to start folding some new models, and to do some
video diagrams for the old ones.
Sadly some of my latest models are difficult to diagram, for example, the
"Rhombitrihexagonal Tiling 3D" has 228 mountains and 312 valleys and less
than half of those lines lie on a triangular grid.
I plan to upload all my crease patterns old and new, I have a few hundreds
waiting to be folded...

Greetings from Mexico!






"I love origami"

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