The end of May I posted the message below to the OrigamiUSA Members List
and to some friends—but the creator still remains a mystery, so I am trying
a broader audience.

If you have not already seen it, would you please have a look at the
3-minute video (or at least the first minute of it) and let me know if you
know who the creator is.

Original Message:

Does anyone know the creator of this wonderful model? As you can see in the
video, I have been having a lot of fun with it!

Rachel told me that Mae Dean was given the model at an OrigamiUSA
convention and then Mae Dean, Patty and Rachel reverse-engineered it and
then Rachel shared it with me.

I realize that it may be based on the Soon Young Lee model, but I would
like to know the creator/source of this unique version.

Since I do not yet know the creator, this current video shows the model in
use, and is *not* a tutorial.


If you have trouble with the link, cut and paste it into a different
browser, or go to youtube.com and search for: Let’s Face It—Origami is Fun!


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