Years ago, the late Dorothy Engleman maintained a web site to showcase models 
taught at our monthly Pacific Ocean Paperfolders (POP). After she died, Gilad 
Aharoni kindly agreed to continue hosting those pages. You'll find links to the 
Hasegawa spinner diagrams on this page:


> A year or two ago I ran across the second spinner and it is, indeed, by 
> Taichiro Hasegawa. It can be made as a two-piece ?Lotus Spinner,? which is 
> made to spin by blowing down on it > from above, or you can add a third 
> piece, a sort of handle, which you can then spin by hand.

> I don?t remember where I found it, but the diagrams I have are professionally 
> done and are credited to Joel Stern and Bennett Arnstein with help from John 
> Andrisan.

> I hope this helps,

> Judith Powell

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