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>Can you please tell me if this modular cube with corner pockets already 
>It has six modules in total. I made it to insert for example Froebel folds, 
>just like this...

As far as I can recall I have not seen this exact design before but in both 
concept an design it is very similar to my Photo Frame Cube which you can see 
at www.origamiheaven.com/2018.htm where there is also a picture of the same 
cube with a Yakkosan added to each face. The proportions of the design can 
easily be varied to accommodate other types of inserts.

This version of the design only dates from 2018 ... when I finally realised how 
simple the modules could be! ... but it's an idea that has been in my mind 
since the early 1990's. All earlier versions were much more complicated ... and 
nowhere near as elegant ... so they won't be recorded here!

Take care


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