I say "Great idea!"  Paper for Water is an awesome project.  It is impressive that young sisters and CEO's, Isabelle and Katherine Adams, have developed such an effective and worthwhile project. For this work they received the Florence Temko award from OrigamiUSA, which was given at the 2019 PCOC.

And Travis Nolan is an impressive young man.  He received a scholarship to attend the 2018 NYC Convention for his origami work up to that point, and he has continued to give back so much to the origami community.

With young people like Isabelle, Katherine, and Travis, origami has a bright future!

Please do consider donating to Paper for Water, and also to OrigamiUSA so that we can continue to support our youth.

Char Morrow

On 12/3/19 2:09 PM, Gerardo @neorigami.com wrote:
Char Morrow invited everyone to help out with origami causes, being today
Giving Tuesday and presented OrigamiUSA matching fundraiser.

I just wanted to mention another cause. Origamist Travis Nolan has a
project with Paper for Water. He's trying to raise enough money for a well
in Kenya. Here's a video staring him explaining everything:

So what do you say?


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